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The Guardian

After viewing his work in the Pride of Place (POP) exhibition I was suddenly amazed by his ability to create unrealistic art. After some research ( I discovered he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2009 and was unable to hold a steady paintbrush so was pushed into a digital art market, without much choice. Regardless to say his talent is extra-ordinary, being able to create futuristic scenes from his imagination. The image below is one that caught my eye during my trip around the POP exhibition.  The comparison between eggs and the creature to the woman set the scale of the scene to allow us to understand the image visually and physically.

The creature could be perceived as a more detailed version of this creature;


The image ( is of a creature from the creature creator game Spore ( which is a “multi-genre single-player Fantasy god game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright” ( The woman in the image seems to be a female warrior as seen in the online role playing game from Blizzard Entertainment “World of Warcraft” represented by this image (

World of Warcraft

The original image of Steve Kerry’s could be seen as a seriously more visually graphic image of a mixture of both. To create this, I looked into game posters for the fantasy genre, and I came across a Final Fantasy game cover (

Final Fantasy

 Fantasy Monster

I have tried to create my own game cover by copying similar themes from the poster I found and using certain elements to create a visual professional game cover. I studied the fonts used and added four small details along with cropping the image to make the art appear to be the cover of a game.


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