WEBSITE ANALYSIS 4 – DANGERSOFFRACKING.COM informs its user to the environmental damage, safety and health hazards caused by fracking, it does this with a great user-friendly experience with animation that takes the user on a journey from the city where the gas is being used to where it is being fracked. It’s aim is to bring awareness and essential get people to vote for the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act which would “require the energy industry to disclose all chemicals used in fracturing fluid as well as repeal fracking’s exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act”.

The user starts as a droplet of water at the top of the page, then as you scroll you travel as the the water drop in the the form of a truck towards the fracturing site. From there, you continue your journey under the ground, as a droplet of chemical, through land, oceans and finally to a an open air pit for evaporation. You can see the smooth transition of the animation with the images below.

1 2 3 4 5 6

The animation and fluid parallax scrolling takes the user on a journey describing every stage fracking goes though and the effects it has on them. After effectively selling the reasons to be against fracking the website jumps straight to the section that encourages users to take action against the ‘dangers of fracking’ by supporting local organisations ect.



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