An example of self promotional material

Irecieved a letter from Marketspace, a printing company based in London, this letter was to make me aware of a christmas promotion they were offering their customers. Included was a pop out – make it yourself christmas tree. I thought this was a brilliant example of self promotional material so I have decided to share it on my blog. Below you can see the images of the document and then the final version of the tree cut together on my desk.

inside outside

treeWhen a company gets you to play with a self promotional item they have sent you, they have effectively won you as a customer and they are more likely to be used over their competition.


Presenting my Images

I knew that presenting my images as a collection would be important, to look professional and be enjoyable to look at. Therefore I started to research how to present my images, the first lesson I learnt was that the purpose of setting this up is to show of my work, so it had to be all about the images, no distractions. The format I had chosen for my images were square with one horizontal rectangle. I decided the best way would be to split up the images into three, this would give the viewer more visual space to concentrate on the content and would also allow me to have a set of images. First I had to chose the images in each set and which order they would go in,, this was reasonably easy as I picked images that related to the other based upon their location being close. The next step was the actual order they were to be arranged in, I wanted the leading lines to draw they eye across the content so that the person viewing the collection would be lead from left to right with visual cues.

With my images being black and white I thought the best way to present them would be to use white borders and them present those on a black piece of card. In photoshop I created the layout for the overall portfolio pieces, I used rulers to measure 1 inch borders to each image. This meant the images were evenly spread out. Finally I printed them and applied them to self-adhesive mount card. After using the guillotineĀ  to cut them to perfect size, I was left with well present, professional version of my images.