Promotion Pack – Loyalty Card

I thought something that would be really useful to include would be a Loyalty card for the client, this way it almost guarantees they will keep the card if they have already thrown away the business card. A constant reminder of my business every time they look in their wallets. Although I’m giving the client a 25% discount off my services, firstly it makes them believe they’re getting a cheaper deal, and secondly I would account for that when pricing up my services. I have tried to stay in line with other luxury style cards you can see my inspirations and mockup below.

cards-hero-loyalty imagescard_backMY DESIGN;

Loyalty Card
I was reasonably happy with my initial mockup so I made no changes at all, below you can see the initial print and then the final print, as you can see this final version looks like a much higher quality.




Promotion Pack – Packaging & Leaflet

My first mockup I created was based with design cues from this image:


A letter for a San Diego hotel, something that I thought worked really well because it looks very luxurious and has a very good quality appearance. This is what I want to represent in my self-promotion pack so I set about designing the packaging myself, you can see it here:

ScanScan 1 Scan 2

Inside I created a little booklet to tell the client what I do (above), the front page shows the logo while the second page contains the contents of the rest of the package, a third page shows an image of me with a quote of a famous designer and the fourth page is a little cheesy with line from the song “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. As you can see it says “Here’s my number; (number) so call me maybe”. This was my initial design but after further research which has already been posted I realised a lot of this was irrelevant. The design is going to be of a front of an iPhone so it will be reshaped, secondly the logo will become a smaller visual on the front page as the main concept will like google search in a web browser. The second page will now instead show all the skills that I am capable of. The third page has completely changed as I realised that by quoting someone else in my book it makes me seem less important which is not the effect I want to have so I have created my own sales line to further advertise myself and this will be placed over an image of a laptop. The final page will have contact details but if I want portray myself as a quality service, I shouldn’t have any cheesy lyrics so I have decided to drop those and add in alternative methods to contact me like my twitter and blog address. The second design is in the stage from paper to digital and also has the correct content:

bookletThe final mockup when reshaped and redesigned to be like an iPhone looks like this;




The only issue with the final version is that the phone is on the backside, this is a printing mistake and will be fixed by the final edition.

The next step was to create the final mockup of the insert and also create the mapped version of them so they were ready for print. When on my visit to Wyke Printers, I showed them my designs and then discussed with them any changed they though would need to be made to my designs. On the actual folds because I have used multiple pieces of paper and glues them together to get the design I wanted, I have folds and joins where I don’t need them, by creating a map I can then print it out on one piece of paper then cut out shape and then fold and glue in the relevant places, this would not only make it much easier for mass production but would also create a much better experience for the client. Below are the maps of my designs and also the final mockups of my booklet.


promotional frameI decided that I wanted to make the iPhone look a a little more professional, so I removed all of the real images of the iPhone and added my own details in for the microphone and then made the back look like an actual iPhone too. You can see the new version below alongside a real image of the iPhone for comparison.

real-iphone-back iPhone-front
Here you will see the complete set of different versions that I created starting with my initial design to completely finished version. You will notice that the first iPhone, second iteration was actually printed backwards, so doesn’t look right, this was fixed for the final version.


Promotion Pack – Flyer

The flyer was designed using the colours of my logo, I also used white as the text to stand out from the background. I decided to make certain words bolder and leave the rest of the test in the regular font. Once I was happy with my overall design I decided to print them out to make sure they worked properly. Below you will see my analysis.


As you can see the general layout works really well and actually looks very professional but you can see the lighter font doesn’t work when it is smaller. This means I need to remove this, so instead I will use sizing of the font to differentiate from the different areas. Below is the second and final version of the flyer, there are a couple of things worth noting in this version though. Firstly the background colour looks more like a black, I think this is more to do with my home printer than the colour being wrong so I will test this using the professional college printers and decide from there if I need to change the colour. The only other ‘issue’ is that at the top you can see the logo on the other side of the paper, this won’t be an issue in the final stage as it will be printed on thicker paper therefore will not show up.

2 3Below you can see the three different iterations of the flyer I would be sending as part of my promotional package. The oldest on the left has faint text and is made from flimsy paper, the next is made from slightly better paper and has adjustments to the the type to made it readable and then the final piece on the right is printed on card with a gloss which looks very professional.