Initial War Site Design

So for my design, I already had researched and arranged the content I wanted to to have on the page (you can find the earlier post with the content on here, I knew the general theme I wanted to go for, it was time to get my initial ideas down on paper. Having completed research on grid layout I knew it was important that my content could be presented using a grid. Here you can see the initial designs;

1 2

You can see from these designs I have started to split the screen into two, left & right, war & peace. You can start see that by using the different sections, I can change subject or style quite substantially without it reflecting on the flow of content. This seemed to break the page down into bite size chunks which made it easy for the viewer to digest. Using larger than usual images and fonts draw attention to the text, therefore the impact is the facts not the design.

Something that is shown in this initial design though that I decided not to carry through was the droplets of blood. This is something I thought worked well in a the design of a website about fracking (which iI wrote about in this blog post ) where you follow the water droplet down into the ground. Basically it was going to represent the blood split from the wars I was discussing in the design. I thought it wouldn’t work in my design though because I wanted edge slightly away from the flat appearance of the site by adding faint images of war in the background, and I didn’t think that would have worked well with a flat designed blood droplet.


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