Letterhead Design

With the unusual way I have designed my envelopes and letter shape, I thought it would be an important stage to design the layout of the content itself. Therefore I studied some grid layouts (https://akbrodie.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/understanding-grids/) and started to mockup a few of my own. I knew that using the same colour across all the promotional material I produced was important, so I decided again, to use purple, I knew from the traditional letter, and the legal requirements of any business that sends a letter that it was important to include contact details on the letter, so I decided to use the way I had folder the paper to change the layout. I created a blank space on the left to begin with so that the main content was on the right, this is like a letter I found during my research and you can see this here:


You can see my first design is similar but removes the box from the left, it is below. I found by having the content of the letter so far across the page just seemed unbalanced so I scrapped it.


To create a design much more like the one I was inspired by I moved the informational section to the left but maintained the width of the column since from my previously research I knew it was important that the line width wasn’t too long as it would be easier to read. Also, I disliked the text being so close to the left  as I feel it didn’t work with what I’ve learnt from my research about white space and overall layout so I moved it over a bit to the right, you can see this edition below.


Then I started to consider the experience of opening the letter and taking the letter out of the envelope, I folded the paper into thirds, the way I was planning on doing, and realised the section I created on the front of the letter wasn’t quite a third so I changed that to be exactly one third. Next placed the letter in the envelope and pulled it out as if I was opening it fore the first time, I visualised my logo on the centre and coloured sections on the thirds above and below. My logo is purple and I wanted to have a consistency across my branding therefore I decided to have the coloured sections in purple too, this mean’t I had to move the logo on the letter because it didn’t stand out against the new background colour.

4 5


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