Business Card Design

I decided for my business card, I wanted to create something that would portray what I do much like the ones in my research ( I decided to create a laptop which had google’s search engine open looking for a local web designer. First I went about designing the laptop complete with keyboard and touchpad, next I added my logo on the front upside down like on the macbook range so that it can be seen the right way up from people looking at it. Something worth noting here is that created the word “Found” using the same typeface and colours as google to give it that recognisable feel, but avoided advertising them on my business card. You can see this mockup here;

air2 air

After printing this version out I decided to turn the logo the right way up because the business card is all about the user experience. I also removed the details from the back of the card to ensure a clean look which is more appropriate for the ‘luxury’ styled branding I wanted to achieve. I also used google search to directly impact the design stage and here how I have used the same colour and style on my card;

googleairfront airback

– I must note here the reason for the circle shape ate the bottom is a line for me to cut out when it is printed so that you can lift the screen up. If you look carefully, I have also tried to avoid putting across the idea that there are other competitors, so underneath me at the top there are a few other ‘designers’ which are completely made up with names and descriptions that make them sound really bad. I have also faded them out the lower down you go so that the main impact was my details. The only way this card looks different to the real thing is the fact that it has an arrow and my telephone number to the side.

Below you Can see the different versions I printed out with the first on the left, you can see both outside and inside, the physical changes I made to the design.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender


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