Lessons Learnt

Coming onto the course with a little bit of prior knowledge I found it relatively easy to code the website. While I found it somewhat easy, that does not mean it didn’t come without challenges and I learnt quite a few valuable lessons whilst coding the site. I knew already that html was the base of the website which contained the content while the css was simply the styling of the site. I was aware that everything was put into containers called divs, these could be linked with css file to give each container its own style, it is through these basic principles that a website is created. Animation and transitions are not required for this module I thought it would be best to simply refine my current skills to iron out any flaws and complete a website the best of my ability. One of the biggest lessons Learn’t from this experience was the difference between padding and margin elements within a css file. I was using them as if they were the same type of thing, and then realising there were issues on the page where there would be areas of white space that I didn’t understand. This is something I researched and then began to understand that the padding was space within the div around the elements, whereas the margin in the space outside of the div. Another lesson I learnt during this project is that you can actually create layers within the page, and while I still haven’t mastered this yet I know understand that when there is a z-index present in the css file, then it means that something is layered on the webpage.


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