geometric shapes in art 2


“Vonal Zoeld” by Victor Visarely is another image that seems to have influenced modern day design. In this image I am covering how the repetition of the shapes within the image gives the art an additional depth that it would not have had.


The best initial example of this in modern day use is the album cover of a Shlohmo track “camping”, they have literally printed the image out multiple times, torn it and laid it out correctly to create the desired effect. It works really well creates an album cover with a lot of depth and meaning.


This image uses the same image, this time digitally created and cropped to create a depth in the image that wouldn’t have been there without the circles. It is an interesting piece of art  style that is becoming popular with current photographers.


This image is again where we  start to edge into hipster triangle territory, by using a different image within the area, it gives you two perspectives of the same shot, it is an interesting way of showing perspectives and stays relative to Visarely’s original piece.


This image is similar to the last in the sense that it shows the viewer the same scene, this time though the image has simply been cropped and flipped, adding an interesting edge to the overall composure.


This is where things start to get muddled up, the same image has been used but also edited to allow the sky to appear through the corn on the top half. There is an adjustment of the colour filters in the image. After all that a thin triangle has been added on top to make the overall composure even more interesting.

From here on out the images get much more complicated but use the same techniques that I have just described in these images to make them more interesting. The more complex, the more interesting, but the simple images are just as eye catching, it just depends on the overall feel you are going for.

7 14 13 12 11 10 9 8


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