Geometric shapes in art

In this style of geometric shapes the addition and manipulation of lines present within the image create an interesting effect in the overall style and effect of the image, again relating back to “L’Arlequin” by Victor Vasarely.

This image is much like the one below, in the sense that there are lines added to the image to create a shape within it, an interesting perspective on something that doesn’t exist without the lines

The lines in this image are again different because they don’t distort the image in the way the previous image did, it simply adjusts the focus of the viewer and creates an image with more meaning.

We are now entering the realms of hipster triangle, and area of design where post op art merges with modern theories and photography. This design uses the original idea of using lines within the image to create a shape that did not exist previously, only this time the shape is the same image, only flipped and slightly zoomed.

This image is pretty good, it uses the idea of lines to create a shape but instead of distorting the image, it uses modern day “filtering” by overlapping an opaque red triangle on top.

This is also another very interesting image, it uses the concept of using lines and shapes to add a new element to the image, though this time the triangle has been added in the editing stage to look like it is around the girls head, therefore making it look like it was there when the image was taken.






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