Target Audience for gun sites

To best create a design for a website that effectively and efficiently pushes sales boundaries, it is vital to understand the target audience. We need the complete story about the demographic to allow us to successfully create a site that they can use and relate to.

34% percent of homes in USA have a gun on the premises, given the fact that there 117,538,000 households in the us, the website has an overall appeal to 39,962,920. That’s an incredibly large market, especially when you consider the fact that there is probably people new to buying guns who may visit the site. Men slightly outweigh the women when it comes to owning a gun so it isn’t necessarily a masculine thing to own a gun

Another noteworthy fact is the environmental areas of where these gun owners live. Guns seem to be much more common in rural areas than in suburban or even urban areas. But this is also another interesting route to consider the type of sites, each area will have its own personality, therefore it would be wise to consider a slightly different design, or just featured content for rural, suburban and urban areas.

54% of the entire population believe it is necessary to own a gun, but is it really? and why do they feel so compelled to own said guns. There are a lot of people who suggest it is for their own safety within their own homes, against intruders and potentially against the government/police forces (and in an age of NSA spying, corruption in civil forfeiture, racist police and fear mongering using false flags, who can blame them?),. There is also the patriotic americans who want to keep their beloved “Second Amendment” because it is their right to keep the ruling yet, many americans broke and fought for the repeal of the eighteenth amendment, the legalisation of alcohol.

Given it is so patriotic to own a gun, it would be wise to consider what other things make americans feel patriotic and linking those with the sale of guns to create a stronger holder over the consumer.


Click to access P&R_Rev2.pdf

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Click to access GPO-CONAN-2002-9-3.pdf


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