Understanding dynamic content

Dynamic content is what I am going to use for my thematic online photo gallery. It basically means a website that regular updates it’s content, there are many examples of this on the web. Since dynamic content can include text, images, sound and video I can show examples of each different version.

It has been used here by YouTube to create a personal experience of videos that you may be interested in based upon history and likes;
It is also used to produce results to a user specified search term such as “uptown funk bruno mars”;

It is also used by social media platforms to create a personalised experience with tailored content. You can see examples of this here;


Changing my idea

I cannot use the previous idea because it follows no thematic ‘artwork’ as I did not fully understand the brief. Therefore, I have changed my idea to show off some of the nicest areas of Paris. This is going to allow me to tag the images with hashtags which are searchable on the site.