The research stage was the most important of the entire procedure, by completing our research, we would be armed and equipped to successfully cary out the following stages while knowing 100% our client, the ideas and issues surrounding the area of business we would be entering. In the real world, the purpose of a redesign is not just to make it look nice, but instead to maximise potential sales by creating functional, usable and well designed websites that are accessible to everyone. By researching the client, the business field they operate, and the target audience, you are able to make design decisions based upon the needs of your clients target audience. This is not designing what you think looks good, but maximise the potential profit of the client. I knew to get the most work done, it would be important to split the tasks fairly between me and Aidan. I created a planner which allowed us to see the deadlines the work had to be completed by, I also built in meet up stages where we would discuss our research and progress so far. This mean’t we would both be on the same page, which would help with the team work aspect of things.

Trying to maintain this strict schedule was difficult as I had planned a reasonably fast paced timeline to get the research done so we could move on to the designing within three weeks, meaning we would complete all required work way before hand in date.

This was somewhat difficult, with personal issues within the group, i was forced the hand of sometimes making decisions that were mean’t to be made as a group. The breakdown of the content was broken down by myself to ensure we stuck to our timetable.

Managing time is a huge element of working in a group and using the planner has helped us stay on track but we must continue to stay on track if we are to succeed with this brief as a group.

Something that I never built into the brief was the fact that along the way I would find additional things to research. This was a slight drawback and has mean’t I have been completing the additional work in the next stage. This is something I have learn’t and will be building into the next brief schedule I make.


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