Museum Demographic

While I have conducted my own research about the museums, I tried to contact the Maritime Museum for help with regards to the demographical footfall. Unfortunately they were unable to help me, therefore without their support, I took to the web to discover the average statistics of museum goers. This is what I found;


40% Male
60% Female

10% 0-24
57% 25-55
33% 55+

Visiting Patterns (Yearly)
32% – 1 Visit
27% – 2 Visits
21% – 3-5 Visits
14% – 6-10 Visits
6% – 11+ Visits

4 Main Reasons to visit a museum
3%   – Spiritual (Religious) – Creative Stimulation & Quiet Contemplation
11% – Emotional (Spa)
38% – Intellectual (Archive)
48% – Social (Attraction)

30% visits are based on word of mouth, therefore suggesting that the visits need to be dynamic and stimulating enough that people will want to talk about what they’ve seen.

Museums see on average an increase of 40% in visits when advertising with flyers and television.

The group that attends the museum the least is the 18-24, this is the target audience that should have the experience should rive to improve whilst also increasing the other groups too!

Target Audience is between 18-24 because they are the lowest audience group. The reason to exclude the younger part of the group is because it would be a different service to offer and there are external elements such as family that influence the visits of children. Understand the reasons why this age group both do and don’t attend a museum is going to be vital in part of the research stage.

People will revisit a museum, I should make an digital experience that would have different elements to allow for multiple visits.

I need to create an experience that relates to people on many different emotions, the stronger the connection the more they will take away from the exhibition.

It is important to the footfall of the museum for the visitors to share their experience with friends and family to maximise the potential visitors. The design must include and easy way for the users to do this while they are still caught up in the excitement of the experience.


Click to access digest05.pdf

Click to access audience%20knowledge%20digest.pdf


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