Choosing the font

Legibility in fonts is the most important factor, but next comes style. I have to use a combination of fonts to create the style I want, in this case I need to use a font that matches whales themselves. The fonts need to be bold and stands out, showing its dominance while showing it’s gentle side. For this reason, I have chosen to research sans-serif fonts, using thinner fonts for the titles and a slightly thicker font for the body. I will use a Lorem Ipsum Preview of the font and then test the fonts  for legibility with the target audience. Below are the fonts that were tested;
After discussion with the target audience the font “Couture” won by far, this is the font I will use.


After discussion with the target audience the font “Sansation” won by far, this is the font I will use




Mood boards set the scene for what the experience should look and feel like, in this case, I need to cater for the 4 types of visitors. The social visits can gather round the iPad and share the experience with each other, the intellectual visitors can make the most use of the information available on the iPad to learn about the exhibit. The emotional visitors, can look at the artifacts shown around the museum to draw upon past relationships. Finally the spiritual visitors can take comfort from the relaxation of the room that offers smooth whale sounds whilst being surrounded by a projection of whales on the walls around them in a relaxation room. This can all be seen within mood board, which also portrays what the experience should look like to outsiders, with the aim of drawing them into the exhibition.

User Journey & Wireframes

The first thing the user sees when they visit the website is a landing page. It contains the Title screen with the quotes “dark magic of the ages”. They then press the enter button below which takes into the main page. This main page contains four different spells which are specified below;

AIR – Invisibility
EARTH – Resurrect
WATER – Breathe underwater
FIRE – Inflammable

When visiting each of these pages they will be greeted with images of the elements, the recipe to create a spell and an example of it being used. This causes intrigue for the user, making them want to find out more and then finally the last option on the main page is the exhibition. The exhibition page contains information about how alchemists created gold from other elements, a booking form and also a way to share the experience with friends on social media.