The museum experience is changing, technology is taking a new unseen told in how we intake information. For this reason I am looking at ways other museums around the world have used technology to enhance their museum experience.


London science museum its the most popular interactive museum in England. It is very hands on, lit with colour rooms, it contains an IMAX cinema experience and experiment that the kids can get involved in too.

titanic-off-brighton_5564548_m.jpgW5 Interactive discovery centre is a great museum for it’s interactive experience, it has many hand things that can be used by the visitor such as a lie detector.


showcase-Chess_02.jpgAugmented reality has really taken museum experiences to another level, the company CHESS cultural heritage experience have created a brilliant service that matches the user to an already created person. Each persona has a different experience tailor made to them. It allows them to view additional information about the thing they are viewing in real time on the iPad screen. It creates an immersive story told experience using quizzes, games and information that can be accessed from home.

From researching the difference services available it is obvious that the experiences have been overloaded with information, and need to be cut back with a much more visual experience for the user. There are three elements that make up a museum experience;

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 18.57.12
It is also apparent that museums are stereotypically old dusty rooms filled with old things and large amounts of text. This needs to change if the museum experience is to evolve, the information needs to be almost completely removed from the room and moved into the interactive experience on the device. The windows should be blocked and the lights dimmed so that it is possible to light up the relevant elements of the museums. This alone creates a much more interactive and immersive experience for the visitor.


Colour Scheme

Choosing the correct colour palette for the user interface is vital. It sets the tone for entire experience. I wanted to created very clean interface that allows the user to use the tools as they please as they walk around the museum, there I have searched for colours with a lower tint of hue for the main interface. The specific pop up areas will be darker and higher shade of hue, this will allow the user to understand they are experiencing something new within the exhibition itself. I will need a variety of different colours for the different sections, and below are the colour palettes I have chosen.

Login Pages
The main user interface
The map
Animal Information
Save the whale