Other exhibitions

There are many exhibitions around the world, that show visitor varying amounts of content covering many topics in different ways. It is useful to see what is out there when creating an exhibition website. Chris Smith, who is responsible for the Art Fund Prize suggests that it is difficult to generate interest around a museum therefore the money is best spent around creating interest around the topics within the museum. He states that people who ignore this vital fact always fail and that content consistently comes out on top. Using a story to bind the exhibitions contents is second most important thing to do.

People are happy to visit a museum exhibition provided the tickets are under £15, once the prices get higher than that, people start to be dubious whether it would be worth going. Great exhibitions are huge scale with the content being the content specifically picked for the area. Cultural aloofness being a major factor, the exhibition needs to be certain to target itself at a mainstream audience, not selecting a certain age range or ethnicity. They should inspire people to approach with an open minded, positive attitude and to allow them to leave with something to think about.

Key pointer;
– Make sure that you generate as much interest as possible around the specific contents,  regarding the exhibition itself and bind it together with a story



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