UI & UX Research

“Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal” – Steve Jobs, while I don’t plan to steal other peoples work, I think it is very important for me to take inspiration from design trends to create the best website possible, below are great inspiration for ideas for my own website. I have ensured I have created the best design simply by starting at the mobile and working up to the desktop computer. This allows me to create with the experience in the forefront of my mind. The design should be understood from one platform to the next, therefore the design inspiration I have taken into consideration here, effects the various different platforms in different ways.

Taking advantage of screen estate and the advantages of the different types of device is essential. The hover feature on the desktop and the touch feature on tablets allow for different experiences, therefore I can use the same layouts with different abilities on each.

I need to remember for marketability of the website it is vital that there is an overall similarity between the mobile and the desktop versions of the site. This will add to the branding of my site and the success of marketing relies on good branding.

On the desktop version for example I can use the hover feature to highlight what is to be selected as can be seen in the examples below.
1 2

On the mobile, it would be ideal to create an experience very similar of a normal application, therefore using similar styles to an app in the user interface allows the user to be instantly at ease with the experience, this can be seen as an example below. Take special note of how images can be used in the background and blurred to create depth. This is something that can be taken to the desktop

On of the biggest benefits of the desktop is the larger screen size and the ability to show more information, but it is also vital to realize that the information should now be crowded and that it should well spaced allow to allow the users to scan the page for information, the following examples show how this can be implemented into the design.
4 5 6





Finally creating information boxes on screen can create depth, just like in the earlier image, the boxes create a dialog for the user but the image behind amplifies the immersive experience, a great example of this is shown below.



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