Content of four elements exhibition

This exhibition Will be viewed by many people both young and old. Needs to be very accessible and have and dictation content that is easy to understand for a wide audience. I need to create a website that not only creates a magical feel and experience for the user but also inspires the user to go to the exhibition. I have chosen topic of alchemy because within crates an feel of mystery, with many of their spells relating to making gold from other materials and creating a philosophers stone that extends life that creates immortal human beings. I have read “Alchemy and Mysticism” written by Alexander Roob and “The philosopher’s Stone” by Peter Marshall. Both of these books have emphasized the point of unrealistic spells to further prolong their life. All the elements within the spells are made up of the four elements earth wind water and fire. Below are my initial notes I made;

– Story of the preservation of Lady Tai.
– Charcoal & Mercury Sulphate creates perfect body preservation.
– It was believed that mercury could be turned into gold.
– Adding Mercury to copper would make it look like gold
– It’s a symbol of pure consciousness of the journey of your mind to enlightenment

The first thing the user sees when they visit the website is a landing page. It contains the Title screen with the quotes “dark magic of the ages”. They then press the enter button below which takes into the main page. This main page contains four different spells which are specified below;

AIR – Invisibility
EARTH – Immortality
WATER – Turn any solid to liquid or vise versa
FIRE – Inflammable

When visiting each of these pages they will be greeted with images of the elements, the recipe to create a spell and an example of it being used. This causes intrigue for the user, making them want to find out more and then finally the last option on the main page is the exhibition. The exhibition page contains information about how alchemists created gold from other elements, a booking form and also a way to share the experience with friends on social media.

The philosophers stone, the name of the exhibition is a stone that alchemists believed, could change lead to gold provided the correct spells were used, the stone could also be used to prolong youth.

The most important factor of the website would the four elements and different recipes for the spells that they can make, this will create interest in the exhibition where the user can see for themselves the history and truth behind alchemy. The exhibitions can include images, quotes or portrayals from these famous alchemist;

Nicholas Flamel
Dr. John Dee
Niccolo Machiavelli
William Shakespeare

FIRE – Fireball Spell:
This spell allows the user set anything they want on fire by touching it. To allow them to obtain this power they must drink the fireball potion once to last for a week

– Stojati
– Vaditi
– Zbyti
– Rosa

1 – Burn the Stojati
2 – Seive the Zbyti into ash
3 – Pour the Vaditi
4 – Blend mix with Rosa
5 – Chill for one week
6 – Drink at 9AM for effect

AIR – Invisibility Spell:
This spell makes the owner invisible for twenty-four hours from drinking the potion.
Whilst it yearns great results, it is very difficult to achieve perfect results with sometimes, if done incorrectly, body parts of the user are still visible.

– Vyeku
– Pulku
– Novi
– Snithen
– Tekha

1 – Dilute the Novi with the Tekha
2 – Add in pulka
3 – Freeze for four months
4 – Boil frozen blocks in Vyeku
5 – Add three drops of Snithen
6 – Drink after cooling for effect

WATER – Transmutation Spell:
An object that is made from five elements that create a transmutation package. It allows the user to be able to turn a liquid into a solid or vice versa by simple placing the object to transmute on top of of the cooked package.

– Iron
– Agoda
– Chedu
– Yaru
– Vratiti

1 – Crush the Chedu and Yaru
2 – Mix in the Yaru Powder
3 – Bake for 3 hours
4 – Place Iron on top
5 – Wrap in Vratiti
6 – Place object to effect on top

EARTH – Immortality Elixer:
A potion made once monthly and stored on the inside of a clock
The formula for gunpowder, sulfur, saltpeter and carbon was originally an attempted elixir of immortality
Eat a Amanita mushroom

– Jade
– Cinnabar
– Dermatite
– Bull Horns

1 – Crush the bull horns
2 – Mix the Cinnabar and horns
3 – Bring mixture to the boil
4 – Stir in Dermatite & Jade
5 – Store inside a grand clock
6 – Drink the potion

About the Exhibition;
The quest for the philosophers’ stone was a major preoccupation of the early modern world. This precious substance was said to transform base metals into silver and gold, heal sickness, and unlock the mysteries of God and nature. Its recipe was a closely guarded secret and a bewildering array of signs and symbols were used, both figuratively and allegorically, to convey key processes and ideas in the search for the fabled stone. This exhibition follows the theme of a recipe using the same sources devised and decoded by the alchemists themselves. Get tickets and unravel the secrets of turning metal in gold.


Images for site references;


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