Final Designs and User Testing

Prototype testing


4-GOn this page the user believed they only needed to click on the flag/difficulty level to proceed, the forward button was pointless and there was no need for this to be a requirement


The user felt like they needed words as well as the symbols, for genders and most missed inputting their age.


Users were unaware of the fact that there multiple exhibition topics and tried to start the first exhibition they were shown. A redesign of this page would allow the user to be aware of the fact that there are other exhibitions available.


The captain is there to introduce the exhibition and explain the user interface to the user. The user has been given the option to skip the captains introduction so a quick UI tutorial may be necessary for the user to understand how to use the UI.


The line on the map is not obvious to the use that it is to indicate the direction of the exhibition.

Within the mini experience, the user was confused as to what they should click on therefore I would need to create a way for the user to differentiate between the clickable and the un-clickable or instead make everything these mini experiences interactive. Also, within the mini experiences the user was against using the blue exit button because they believed it would shut down their entire experience therefore it would be more straightforward for the user to simply have a back button instead of an x.


One of the largest flaws in the design is the relax room interface, as the initial ideas was that it would automatically appear and disappear as they entered the room, but the user testing proved that they had become accustomed to the ui interface and were confused when they couldn’t get back to it.


The final design flaw was the video editor at the end of the exhibition which allowed the user to edit a frame of the video which is being displayed on the wall before they leave the exhibition and also on the outside of the building to entice visitors into the museum. It lacks to inform the user of what it really is, a social tool to bring together the community and raise awareness of the exhibitions and the problems it causes. Before this page there should a be descriptive page saying thank you for visiting the museum and taking the time to enjoy the exhibition, what the purpose of this video was and how it would benefit whaling to take part. It could allow them to input their twitter name or Facebook name so the exhibition page could tag them in the images that were taken throughout the exhibition in the selfie zone and also the edited frame of the video.

All of the different screens I have designed…


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