Google Analytics

How google analytics works.

Google analytics is useful for tracking statistics of a website, it is really easy to install you simply need to add a script that google provides you with and you are good to go. That code looks like this;


Once the tracking code is installed it will allow you to access lots of important data about the users of the website. This data can be broken down into these categories;


Once setup for a while you will be able to actively use data to improve the website’s response the users needs, below you can see the website shows you accurate data about the amount of users and what language they speak


Finally being able to use analytics to resolve problems, and check that the end user is getting the information they came to the website for. A great example of this would be the data flows shown below.


The fact that you are able to find out so much about your audience and what they did on your site, it allows you to understand how to market to them in a much more appropriate way. This is vital to creating a successful marketing campaign, and is something I have to consider when creating my marketing.


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