Marketing Redesign

While my site works well to create interest and intrigue in the exhibition, there was the fact that the site didn’t really fulfill the brief in the sense that it wasn’t built around marketing made me decide to go back and redesign elements of it to make them more suitable for the branding, I also redesigned based on certain user testing that I did.


DesktopThe homepage has been given a colour scheme to match the other elements and the overall theme of the site, note the two social media links at the bottom of the page.Desktop2This page listing the four elements has been modified to show the logo at a bigger scale, to improve brand recognition, social media links added to the left and also a call to action to try to make users buy tickets straight away.Desktop3This screen is an improvement on the Instructions page, I found that users wanted to click on the different elements on the page. This is what I have designed to happen if they were to click on the individual instruction.Desktop4

The same apples for the ingredients, users expected to be able to click on the elements, so I decided the best thing would be to allow them to click and display further info on the location of where the ingredients can be found.Desktop5

Finally, I added a map to the exhibition to allow the user to locate the exhibition to know they were close just before they bought tickets.


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