Future of displays

LG have created a working prototype of a OLED display that can be rolled up ‘like a piece of paper’, this is huge for future products that will be able to have bendable displays. The device made it’s first ever appearance at CES 2016. This is a great piece of technology that could definitely have its purposes. You can see a it below in this image;


Electronic paper is an interactive technology that looks similar to paper, something that can be touched like a normal touchscreen, the benifits of this is that it can be as thin as paper and have an interactive screen, the downside is the fact it only displays in 16 shades of grey and white. This is not something that can be used in phones that challenge colour screens but is definitely an interesting space to watch. There is one example of a phone that uses this technology to add an additional screen to it’s back. It’s a great looking phone that you can see here;YotaPhone_Photo_4.jpg






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