Gaining return website visits or sales

It is important that a website acheives its purpose of either selling it’s service/ product, gaining return visits or both. There are many elements on whether a user is going to believe in the site and whether they will remember it.

SIMPLE – Keeping the site, it’s design and it’s overall message simple  meaning that people clearly understand the site. There is a phrase that explains if you tell someone 10 things once, they wont remember any of them but if you tell them something 10 times, they will remember it. This is something that I need to consider in building a site.

UNEXPECTED – A website/service that looks and does the same as every one of it’s competitors will soon be forgotten therefore it is vital to do or be somewhat unexpected so that the consumer will remember. A great example of this is the Radisson Blue Hotel chain, a business class hotel company that do the same as everything else their competitors do, apart from one thing, they offer free, freshly baked cookies at the check in desk. This makes them stand out from their competitors and gives them a Unique Selling Point. If a website was to offer or do something slightly unique, it would stand out from a crowded market in a memorable way.

CONCRETE – Using concrete language can get the user more connected to the site by simply using language they can relate to. Instead of using abstract business language, it is wiser to use words are able to describe the user in friendly words they can understand, what the purpose of the site is.

CREDIBLE – Making sure that the user feels the site, along with it’s message and content is credible is an important step in getting them to believe in your service/product. Most sites use numbers to prove points they are making but this is not always the most advantageous way to do so, because the user is unable to remember the specifics. This means the message should be relatable to the user, the best way to do so isn’t always to tell the user but to show them using an image or creating a comparision they can understand.

EMOTIONAL STORIES – Evoking emotion is a vital way to connect with a user, making them more likely to remember and trust the site. A great way to do this is to link something that you want the user to believe in to something they care about.



BOOK: Jonah Berger – “Contagious: Why things catch on”



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