Attending Google Polymer


Google Polymer project held an event in London to learn about Polymer and meet other developer. It was a fantastic experience, where there was lots of information about new technologies and ways to develop.

Arriving at the venue, the branding was everywhere, and it was possioble to find the venue by simply following the crowds of people from the station.IMG_1144.JPG

I was to go to the main desk where I checked in, collected my pass, shirt and was directed to the breakfast lounge.


Arriving early at 8AM breakfast was served, this was free and seats were provided around the venue in a typical Google fashion, it encouraged conversation between developers. It was fascinating to meet professionals much better than I had ever expected.IMG_20161017_0844219.jpg


It was at this point people were discussing what the days events were going to be able what they were most looking forward to, people were crowding around these moniters, checking out the days itinery.IMG_1147.JPG

At 9AM the doors opened and the opening speech began, luckily I managed to get one of the front row seats.IMG_1155.JPGbut looking back there were the 700 attendies from over 100 different countries.img_1156img_1157I spent the day watching talks on cutting edge web technologies.img_20161017_1100091img_20161017_1814150img_20161017_1013256I also attended workshops where I would get involved with coding apps.8a37397f-7474-4e9c-bafe-3216be405a94.jpgWhen the days coding was over, Google had an open bar with free drinks and food to allow for conversations between coders.img_20161017_1905222img_20161017_1843083img_20161017_1843134


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