Dissertation Plan

Illustration List

Illustration 1

Found: http://abduzeedo.com/uiux-works-virgil-pana

Accessed: 27 September 2016

Description: This is the hamburger icon, the web ideology that to make things neater, the menu is hidden behind this icon. Some professionals argue that the menu becomes “out of sight, out of mind”

Illustration 2

Found: http://www.bluebell.com/

Accessed: 27 September 2016

Description: This image shows how messy mystery meat navigation is to the user. In the image, you are unable to decide whereabouts you should hover and it means the user is forced to hover to discover. This is really bad from a user experience point of view, and surprisingly this trend is still being used occasionally.

Illustration 3

Found: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/keshas-myspace-profile-from-2008-is-better-than-dj-khaleds-snapchat

Accessed: 27 September 2016

Description: This image shows what MySpace profiles used to look like when the user was able to control the design of their own profile. It is quite important to note how the user didn’t care about how they were perceived in this era, while nowadays, on Facebook, the current social media site, people only upload things that make them look as good as possible.

With particular reference to the public consumer, what are the significant trends and subsequent developments in web design in the western world over the last twenty-five years, and how have they impacted on society today?

Intro – 1,000 Words

– Basic history of the web

– Historic perspective

– Real world transformed, digitalised and utilised as electronic communication

– Trends till 1996

Economics – 1,000 Words

– Bidding

– Gambling

– Pornography

– Shopping

– Wholesaling

Gaming – 1,000 Words

– Technological advancements

– Connected players

– Gaming addiction

Privacy – 1,000 Words

– Consumer Awareness

– Encrypted messaging

Conferencing – 1,000 Words

– Removing limitations of distance

– From governments to the consumer

– The drone movement

Search – 1,000 Words

– The mighty web

– Yellow Pages

– Data Analysis

Evaluation – 1,000 Words

The dissertation should start by introducing what the web is and how it started, then continue to go on to make connections to the relevance of the service in relation to other services available at the time such as the television and telephone. Next it should explain that the web is a continuance of real life products and services then give an insight into the trends that had already started occurring by the webs’ 5th birthday.

In the Economics section, it will explore how the web has been taken advantage of in the aim of making money and how the different subsections all created and now partake in an online mass marketplace.

The gaming section will include information about how technology has limited the capacity of the games available to the consumer and that with ever improving technology, the games continue to improve. It can be mentioned that graphics and consoles are two major parts within this subsection. I can discuss how the internet has been able to bring players together to create online communities, and also mention how this has created a new addiction to online gaming.

Privacy needs to be considered when many people store personal information online, discussing how awareness of online privacy and the spying on the consumer by the government is important, it allows discussion of how many corporations have followed this trend by offering encrypted messaging services.

In the conferencing section discussion should note how mail evolved into email, which evolved into instant messaging, which in turn evolved into video chat services. It would be important to consider at this point that the web was built originally for government officials to contact each other during the war, and how the service was later made available for consumer use. A great way to back this point up would be to talk about the current drone movement, where yet another secret government product has been made public and then made available for consumer use.

Without search engines the web could be a large list of pages, just like the yellow pages for example. It means comparisons can be made on how the web has developed the trend of listing available services. It also means analysis can be made on how powerful of an income source the web can be by looking at how by tracking searches providers can provide more successful ad campaigns. The dissertation will also look at Google who have had huge success from being an online search engine to the point of being one of NASDAQs’ top valued companies’.

Books to offer support to essay

Luppicini, R. (2008). Handbook of conversation design for instructional applications. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference;

This book can be vital part of my essay as it will allow me to understand how the function of the web has been paved by design

Fortune 500 homepages: design trends

SL Jones, D DeGrow – IEEE transactions on Professional Communication, 2011;

This book allows me to follow the trends as they developed, and how they were used by five hundred of the worlds biggest organisations.

The democratisation of design and design learning: How do we educate the next-generation designer, Katja Fleischmann, James Cook University, Australia;

This book helps me to understand how design and trends develop over time with the process of design being taught to a new generation that will bring a new perspective to the web.

The Internet of Things—A survey of topics and trends, Andrew Whitmore, Anurag Agarwal;

This book allows me to understand what trends are most popular and why. It also allows me to look at the theory of a connected world with the internet of things, an idea that all appliances should connect to the user wirelessly to allow greater control.


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