Googles’ Research Workflow

I thought it would be really important to look at ghow Google researches its’ projects and the how the different stages can be seen throughout the projects. This is something I plan to use in my project. The different stages are;

  1. Setting up the challenge statement. This will be something you need to come back to during the research and development stage to keep you on track, it will sometimes need updating.
  2. Internal Interviews with the people in the process of the development of the service, to see how the internals work and how it can be improved.
  3. Present the idea to a group and get feedback. Use the comments to continue further within the R&D.
  4. User interviews are important as they allow discovery of the likes an the dislikes of the current services available to them.
  5. Create a project map like the one below to show the different user journeys a user may take, it allows you to eradicateĀ an issues before building.project-map
  6. Crazy 8- A method used my google, setting a time limit of 20 minutes, create 8 different designs for the interface. Present these to a member of the team and get them to vote for their two favourite designs.
  7. Sketch the final design based off the previous stage.
  8. Storyboard the experience, make sure to include ways the user could diverge.
  9. Create a working prototype of the experience
  10. Get your target audience to test your prototype and provide feedback
  11. Adjust the design based on feedback
  12. Repeat step 10.
  13. Repeat step 11.

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