Analysing the Angry Birds Platform

Rovios’ hit game Angry Birds is an important thing to analyse in the sense they both share common goals. Entertaining young audiences and using animals to relate to children is an important part that both Rovio does aand that the project aims to complete.

Rovios’ success allowed it to profits to exceed 50 million euros, so it clearly is a success story. Given the small similarities in the project, what points can I take from their platform that can give my project thebest possible chance to succeed.

Firstly the platform is very simple. It limits it’s original characters to just six;


Mikael Hed explained: “It has to be easy to pick up and play but hard to master. The “easy to learn” part was really important to us. When you see one screenshot of the game you know what you have to do. Angry Birds is simple, but it still has depth. It has to be so much fun that players want to return to the game over and over again.” – This is something that my website should offer to it’s users. An easy experience can be easily understood as soon as it as seen. The characters should also be a reflection of this, with simplistic characters in various colours and styles.

Next is the pure value of Rovio due to it’s game Angry Birds. This is down to the monetisation of the game. A free version which offers limited levels and also a full version for just $0.99 – it gains a lot more profit from in game purchases and other similar Angry Birds style games such as the Space and Star Wars editions that take on a whole new perspective;



Something that angry birds started in 2010 was the Angry Birds Season, a game that would update with new features and levels during different seasons. This is something that was already relevant to my project and something discussed in my original proposal. During a cultural holiday, additional items can be made available to customise their frogs with.

Another monetisation value Rovio exploited with their hit game are collaborations. Collaborations saw Rovio working to remake it’s game in the style of Star Wars (Seen Above), FOX (Rio), NASA (Space Version, seen above) and physical arcade games as seen below.



This is somewhere I could develop my project, with collaborations with the merchandising and online services for specific purposes related overall entertainment. This would make learning much more interesting, and fun for the children.

Compatibility with all devices was something that important to Rovio as it meant adoption of it’s game on a much larger scale, so it developed it’s game for every possible device on the market. Before long the game was even avaiable on social networks. This is something Essiential for my project as I am trying to encourage users worldwide to use the free service, load speeds and device issues cannot effect the quality of the service, this is vital.

Rovio have stated that 40% of their revenue comes from sales of merchandise from the Angry Birds series. In 2010, they first started selling plush toys online and in retail stores. It is estimated that 1 million shirts and plush toys, respectively, are sold every month.

Original merchandise included game CDs, recipe books, plush toys and the board game produced by mattel.

A further way that Rovio make money is via TV and movies. In 2016, Angry Birds released the Angry Birds movie explaining the story of how the birds and pigs met originally, you can see the trailer below.

The movie had a budget of $73 million but grossed a total of $347 million, making it the best selling game adaptation movie ever made, topping video game adaptations made by Disney.


Click to access rovio.pdf



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