Kids store research

For my research into what kids like when it comes to toys I decided to visit some of the big toy chains in London. M&M Chocolate, Nickelodeon, Harrods and Hamleys were the stores I visited, below are the lessons I learnt from the trip.

The M&M Chocolate store was themed in bright colours of the M&Ms. You can see below how they have themed the store around the characters. They are very important as they also relate to differentiating the characters, this is something I should do with my character line.


You can also see how they use the characters and relate them to pop culture within their store;


There is potential to create more expensive luxury items that could be sold in certain stores, these items can be larger versions of the normal versions which are only available to purchase I certain stores. You see a great example of this here;

Accessorizing on the characters and the accessories that go with them could be a great way to capitalize on the characters. I could then even expand my characters into building scene playsets for the different countries and famous landmarks.


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