Client meeting – The newer brief

After the proposal of the project made to the tutors of my course, I went to the client and made the same proposal. This was to ensure everything I was planning was what they had asked and expected from my work, a few differences were noted early on and there were a few elements that were changed . This is what the client and I discussed during our meeting.

The content management system I am designing and developing should be built as the tool for the lawyer market, therefore defining the audience further.

The specific client this cms should benefit is the Sheffield based solicitors Banner Jones (

More complexity is required but the overall site is required to look less complex.

The help guides are not worthwhile, the client thinks that instead of using help guides, the cms should have tooltips or labels on the site explaining each step as the user arrives at it.

Tooltips are area discussed in the meeting where

The user is not to have access to designing layout of the site but only the content. The cms shouldn’t offer the ability to add/remove content columns. Though customising different layouts of a certain page should be an option to the customer based on a multitude of different themes.


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