Researching the demographic

The following study by american based organisation allowed me to discover my demographic. The study is somewhat bias as it is a study of American residents only. That said it should give me some valuable information about my target audience. It is important to note that this was a questionaire of the parents and their views on letting their children use the web.


Out of the 400 parents questioned, only 119 parents let their children use technology meaning only 29.8% of all children were able to access a site at home. This further encourages the use of my site within playgroups and schools.

This section suggests that the children may not be able to access the web and only predownloaded apps that the parents decided previously were suitable. This means not only should we market to adults who have children, but make the homepage explain the service without complications so the parenst know it is a safe site for their children to use.


Finally, 74.7% of all children actually allowed to use the site are restricted in the amount of time they allowed to use the site for. Therefore, the site needs to be very quick loading, light on data and easy to navigate for ease of use and simplifying the user journey throughout the experience.



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