Optimised; The current CMS

The current Content Management System (CMS) looks like this the images below. The sections are categorised in a side navigation. This allows most of the content to to be restricted to the 960px view left aligned to the navigation, which in turn results in a large white space on the right hand side of the content.

The new cms needs to make full use of the space available to the user and make it as user friendly as possible. It needs to have;

  • As little propriety mark up as possible
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Simplicity and cleanliness
  • Speed – both client facing and admin end
  • Ability to quickly search for content from admin
  • Documentation

What I learnt from analysing the current CMS is the required content by the client and what the new CMS will need to be able to achieve.


Case studies







Team Members

Job Roles

Department Roles

Job Roles

Services (With categories)

Videos (With categories)

Articles (With categories)

Office  (With locations)



Image categories



View users

Add users

Delete users

Reset Password


View Header

View Sidebar

View Footer

Add link

Delete Links

Rearrange links



Live edit mode

Browse site

Edit content

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