CMS: Interviews

Interviewing took place during November 2016 and involved speaking with many different users of the website.

Users of the site internally at the company use the cms to set up the website with the content and functionality, there are three main users who do this. They all find the CMS reasonably easy to operate, but find it lacks functionality, and think added features such as a live edit mode, a cleaner user interface and inline editor would streamline the editing process of a website.

Users of the site externally, the clients, use the cms to edit smaller things on their site to keep up to date with their site reports which include data on how many people have visited their website over a period of time. Their biggest issues of the site were related to ease of use and overal functionality. They found that when they became stuck with an issue, they would often call the business, a great way around this would be to have a brilliant Q & A section built into the search feature. The search feature should also have the functionality of being able to find any page/image contained within the cms. These two features combined with the features mentioned by the developers would make the use of the cms much more simple and easy.