A 3D Enviroment

A great way to encourage interaction through my research was to add a depth into the site. I was interested in ways this could be done so I looked at the Panera Bread website. A site developed to encourage learning about their product. As you land on the site you see the following screen;Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 11.59.07.png

It shows a 3d enviroment made from food but when you click on the button to play the game, there is an animation that moves forward through layers of enviroments to this scene;Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 12.08.33.pngAs you can see this is just a zoomed in section of the original scene, the user encouraged to engage with the content and explore the scene. I could do something like this on my site.


Storytelling, Emotions & Characterists.

Emotions play an important part of the likeability of a product/service. With my site, the characters will directly be able to impact the user, there are a range of 5 characters with different emotions. Paul Eckman worked with disney on their movie ‘Inside Out’ and said there are 6 main emotions, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness.

While this is great to show the wide range of emotions, it wouldn’t be appropriate for my characters to be stuck with one emotion, but it is worth noting for research. The characteristics of the characters are where I can have the most impact.

Telling a story will ber a great way to capture the creative minds of my audience, this can by done by creating an intruiging story for my characters.

“Belief systems in children and teens are also influenced by movies, especially in the absence of an already established belief system.” Therefore by creating an entertaining platform that encourages learning of other cultures and being open to friendships with people from other countries is a great way to enter adulthood.

In summary, consumers, regardless of age, make decisions based upon emotion instead of reason.

My storyline

The story to encourage the users to get involved in the website is as follows. Once upon a time there was a frog. Everyday he sat on his lily pad watching the flies buzz around him endlessly. One day the frog noticed that the flies had all disappeared. He pondered as to were the flies had gone, they kept him company around his lilypad (and they were nice to eat). After days of being hungry, he decided to go looking for a new home with lots of flies. This is where the journey began for the frog as he started to explore the world around him and meet lots of new frogs.

Once the user has signed up for the account and chosen their character, the beginning sequence explains the story of the frog. This can be done in a storytelling manner much like in the cinderella introduction seen here;

and especially the pages of the book of the Snow White book;


But the best way to portray it online would be in the same format as the Rapunzel storybook;







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