Gamification of my service

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists – a website, an enterprise application, an online community and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. This is something that is vital to encourage my users to engage in the community and learning process through Frog Voyage.

What is relevant to Frog Voyage when it comes to gamification?

  • Storyline
  • No login to get involved
  • Constantly offer new content (Never completed)
  • Promote social interaction
  • Learning must be risk-free


The story follows a frog who decided to leave his lily pad in Kumari Kandam when he notices all the flies around his home had started to disappear, when he leaves he starts to learn things about the world around him and meet new frogs.

The frogs home of Kumari Kandam relates to mythology of an ancient world where mankind evolved. It is believed to be a land that no longer exists that belonged between Africa and Australia, like shown below;


Not only does this mean we have a defining character for our frog but also means that we can encourage the kids to explore the world with a sense of no belonging as the character and live in a world of imagination. This suits the audiences’ needs much better, as when they don’t feel like the character has a home, they no longer feel the need to return or put importance on it, they can simply move around the map and explore, something they should do be able to do with an open mind. This is important as it allows the user to relate to the character, and feel like everyone is, and should be equal. It also makes it an easier platform for being interested in new cultures.

No Login Required

Allowing access to the content without login is important as it allows the users to view content unrestricted, the user should be given the option to login to view addition, more preferable content, friends, progress etc.

New Content Forever

To keep a game fresh and exciting, there should an continuous flow of new content to ensure the user stays engaged. It also means the user should never be able to ‘complete’ the service.

Promote Social Interaction 

Having users connect with each other while playing games online is the best way to all the users feel like they are part of something ‘bigger’ than just the game. Therefore it is vital to allow the users to communicate with each other.

Risk-Free Learning

Risk free learning is essential therefore I found that by removing the points based reward system, and gift the award at the beginning of a learning experience, the user already has the gift and can leave at any time, therefore the learning environment is one of choice where the user is able to make risk-free decisions in the game eliminating any danger of missing out on a reward at the end.



23 Effective Uses Of Gamification In Learning: Part 1



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