Virtual Experiences

It is vital that the website offers experiences for differenct countries to encourage the learning experience, but how about using virtual trips to do that?

Trips could allow the user to learn things that my target audience will find interesting about that country while spending as long, or as little time as they want on that place. Using this method also means that the service can be streamlines and as an understandable model for each trip can be created.

On a trip, a user can;

  • Set out on a trip, and customise their frog with the relevant items for that country, and it’s weather (while information about it’s climate appears). This can be done as information on a ticket page contains some basics about the contry, then the next thing they see is their store of cutsomisable items they can add if they want.
  • Visit some of its’ famous landmarks and choose to learn more about them if they so wish to.
  • Attend social sections, a cartoon backdrop with all users frog onscreen where people also on that trip at the same time can communicate.
  • Practice languages with a foreign teacher frog; basic language lessons can teach the simple conversation starters.
  • Take a ‘selfie’ where the frog can take a picture of themselves for the user scrapbook with their customisations infront of a popluar, these are images that can be sent later in messages to friends, which links them to the trip they can take too.
  • Connect with someone their own age from that country that they can instantly send a message to start a conversation.
  • Send digital postcards from that location to their friends, these postcards can edited by adding stickers to alter appearance and a message in different fonts, colours and size can be added to the back.

Once the trip is over, additional content can be offered to the user in the way of quiz questions, quick lesson lessons on the language and items collected.

As they have traveled through the experience, they have discovered the country digitally, learnt about the culture, met some people also learning about this culture and started a converdsation with a local, learnt’ a few foreign words, they are already very indulged in this country.


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