CMS: Storyboard & Client Update

After working on the crazy 8’s the design was very roughly placed onscreen in a manner that could allow visualisation in a simple manner. Once it was completed to a reasonable level, I wanted to get feedback from the client. Below is the storyboard with the added feedback from the client.

The Login Page;


The login page is very simple and straightforward. It needs to be easy to understand as possible.

Once the user is logged in they are provided with the Live Edit mode straight away. This mode allows the user to browse the site and edit it straight away. You can see this Live edit mode below, but note how the only really important part is the toolbar along the top. This is the only part of the UI during the experience.


The client discussed as a great example of how it could work. He pointed out there should be a few key features added into Live Edit Mode.

– A definite difference between the ability to edit and browse.

– A set icon to appear when you can edit a feature.

– The ability to quickly edit something in Live Edit mode, or then launch the content editor if more in depth editing is required.

The next section was The Assets page;


This section is kept as simple as possible, while there is an upload button in the top left, files can be dragged onto the screen and uploaded this way. It also allows the developers to upload much larger file sizes. Below is what is displayed when the user selects an image. It gives them the option to edit their cropped versions, to check if it is being used on the site, and then also delete the image.


The next section was The Contents page;


The content page is relatively straightforward, but the client is already much happier with this list style navigation over the sidebar one. I allows for ease of use and give the user the ability to search for a section if they can’t see it. The client requested this search tool.

The next section was The Analytics page;


The analytics page is very basic, and uncomplete in this form. It should allow the user to download the analytics feedback for the past 6 months. but also provide google analytics feedback for the past 30 days.

The next section was The Backups page;


The Backups page is again quite straightforward. It allows the user to view their most recent backup, download their current backup.

The next section was The Search page;


The search is a page that allows users to find their wy around the site if they are stuck editing it. The goal was to have help guides show up in here too but the client has asked for them to have their own specific page. They will also show up in search.

Additional Comments

While discussing the project it is obvious that the overall project is such on such a large scale it would be impossible to fully acomplish, therefore the client has asked for the Designs and Fully working prototypes tobe created, along with the marketing material.

There should be a small footer on the site which gives the user ability to get help, contact My… and logout of the content management system.

When it comes to the actual building of the content managemnet system, it is important to note thatsome parts are more important than others, and I should aim to aim to get parts from each section 30% complete rather than one section 100%. This means that a working example of each section will be available to view in its completed state.

The difference between User and Developer mode needs to become prominent.


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