Interviews Stage

This was an important stage as it meant I could collect specific data from the thoughts of my target audience. There was only a slight issue, laws meant’ it wasn’t possible to speak to my target audience, therefore I had to be creative with the ways I researched the project.

I was able to describe my project to teachers who were able to speak to their students to see if it were something they would be interesting in using to help them learn about other cultures and languages, how receptive they were to the character and the storyline  and how likely they were to use it in their own time. While this all speaking theoretically, I collected the thoughts of the students of teachers who were willing to help me from a collection of countries from Russia, Italy, Brazil, USA, UK and France.

The feedback was generally all good, the students were interested in how they could learn about new frogs from other countries and then also speak to people worldwide too, they were interested in the fact they could play mini games online while experiencing and learning about the culture.

Customisability was an important feature for the kids as they thought that having an interactive character that they culd dress would be really fun.


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