CMS: Content needed

It important to look at what the focus of the CMS should be, so following my research so far, I have spoken to the client and recieved the following feedback and adjustments.



This allows the user to browse the site as they would do usually, but then click on sections to edit them. This works particularly well for users that aren’t technically minded. It will speed up the process of editing the content for the non technical minded users and speed up the process of transferring data from the existing site to the new one.


This is a great way to fill a site with dummy content like lorem ipsum on the developers server as it allows the developer to be able to easily see what they are working on. It will speed up the process of creating pages and also make it look more realistic.


This is an important feature as customers should not have access to certain elements of the CMS. For example, the dummy content creation would be useless to the customer, so therefore should not be available. By setting up this feature it means it can be developed with time and the differences will only become larger and more specific for each user.



This allows the user to be able to see the content stored on their server, they should be able to find these files using different methods. Searching by file name, date added, file size are all great ways to enable the best of asset management.


This feature allows a user to be able to search the site for the most relevant thing to them. A single search bar where a user can type in something they are looking to change, the results will list relevant FAQ’s, Files, Page Edit and Page View (with Live Edit Mode available). This helps a user not familiar with the CMS to easily find the relevant content.


Ludo Studio keep daily backups of sites for a week which are available if something goes wrong with the site. Something this CMS should allow the user to do is create their own backups of a site so they have peace of mind that they can restore themselves should something go wrong.


Have the webpage link up to the CMS so that the user has the ability to add/remove social networks from their footer, this gives the user the flexibility to add their social feeds when they are ready, not just when the site is being built.


Ludo Studio produc analytics of the users site so that they can track the success of their online marketing strategy. This is something they simply email the user on a monthly basis. The cms can include the files for the past 12 months available to download, it can also show a small insight for the past 12 months next to the file so the customer can view their stats. This will improve the analytics service as it would make it much more easily understandable and managable.


While the small features, alone, are barely noticeable, combined, they make a significant dfference when it comes to the user experience. Below are small features that are overall feedback from users of the cms on how to improve it.


When selecting a textbox it will paste the last item from the clipboard. This is useful when transferring data from one site to another.


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