Colour Theory?

An important part of this idea is a colour theory as it  will allow the users to interact with the site in more depth. The colours can guide the user through the journey in an easy to understand level.

The logo is made up of the colours green, black and gold while the main characters are colours that match their real life counterparts.

Another part of the plan to consider is the wide use of artwork and fonts being used throughout the site, as each experience is specifically designed around that one country, the colour scheme for each country completely differs. Therefore while there is colour theory, it is completely country based while in the ‘virtual experience’.

Outside of the virtual experience the colour theory is again different as the homepage  contains lots of artwork and features a world map for the user to select the country they would like to travel to.

The theory behind the colour has been thought out on a much more personal level for the user given the target audience is so young, the rules of limiting colours on a page no longer applies, the same can be said for fonts.


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