Personas are pretty difficult to complete with my target audience due to their age, and restrictions that poses on me. Therefore it is important to note that these personas are based on questions asked by teacher and parents and passed on to me.

While important, the childs persona isn’t the only relevant one in this situation as parents are also revelant personas as they are the ones who will allow their child to use technology, or purchase products for their child.

The mother works hard to earn a living to support her family, she likes to see her daughter happy and will do what she can to keep her entertained. That said, she wants to make sure her child is doing something reasonably productive, even if it is while she is playing a game. You can see the persona for the mother here;


The daughters persona is much different, as while she works hard at school to impress her parents, and for her own benifit, she much more appreciates her down time. She wants to relax and have fun, anything like learning doesn’t seem like a great use of her down time. As she has no/little sense of the value of money, she relies no her mother to provide her toys and luxuries. You can see the persona for the daughter here;



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