Project Map

The project map is an important stage within the development stage, it allows me to consider the main journeys that user should take. These are the main possible user journeys that can be taken;



User 1 logs in to download the report on how well the website has performed. The user visits their website, and simply add ‘/admin’ to the end and login. This will land them on automatically in the live edit mode, they simply need to access the analytics page, find the date from a few different columns, then press the download button.


User 2 has a problem with something they need to do the site and they are unsure of how to resolve their issue. Once they are already logged in, they go to the guides, look at or search the guides for the help they need. If there is no completed guide for their issue, the contact details for Optimised are displayed.


User 3 logs in to change some content on the site. This is really easy and can be completed in two ways. The user visits their website, and simply add ‘/admin’ to the end and login. Once logged in the user will see their website in live edit mode, therefore they could simply browse the page till they reach the section they want to edit, edit it, and the publish it. Another way would be to use the search feature, type the name of the article, then press the edit button.


User 4 logins in to upload an image. This is really simple. All the user needs to do is login, click images, drag and drop/ click to upload the file, then select the crops of the image for the user.


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