CMS: Crazy 8’s

The crazy 8s, Googles’ method of wireframing its’ designs is what I used with this project.

I started by creating eight different versions of the wireframes based from my wireframes. These had different reasonsfor being usaeful and are explained below.Scan.png

This design is great because it gives a clear dashboard of all the content in an easy to understand layout. The content fills the screen and doesn’t waste any screen spacescan-copy-2

This design moves a lot of the content links into the menu meaning the homepage only contains the main pages that should be edited and the analytics details at the bottom.scan-copy-3

This design moves almost everything into blocks shown on the dashboard leaving the navigation for only the search bar only scan-copy-4

This design is similar to the previous but also takes cues from the current design by containing links on the left hand side of the screen.scan-copy-5

This follows the previous cues of leaving the menu to contain only the search bar while the page falls into the layout of a grid.scan-copy-6

This design is very minimal as it represents the homepage being the website with the top navigation. This works particulary well as the live edit mode allows editing of the site as you see it. scan-copy-7

This homepage tries to contain all the data on one page, it means there is a very blocky design of the pagescan-copy

This design tries to combine the block style design of previous wireframe and the second one containing all the links in the menu. scan

The successful design



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