Font Usage

Font research is important for this project because I have to pick fonts that are legible by a wide demographic, but is simple enought to be understood by anyone who’s job it is to update the website.

That said the main site wide font can be a simple sans-serif font, that matches the designs of large organisations like Apples’ ‘San Fransisco’ font and Googles’ ‘Open Sans’ font.

screencapture-fonts-google-1481274378497Looking through googles’ fonts featured at ( there are actually a lot of appropriate looking typefaces, it is simply a case of picking one.

The reason for using Googles’ fonts?

  • These fonts are great because they are completely free to use, and require no liscensing whatsoever and are completely unlimited with no caps on usage.
  • Cross platform rendering is fully supported by Googles’ content delivery network meaning font stability in different browsers and devices works perfectly.
  • Loading times are much faster since they are compressed and are much more lightweight than self-hosted and Typekit fonts.

The font needs to be one of the Google fonts, but also have great usability. The reason for this is that it needs to not get in the way of usage, and allow people of all ages to be able to use the cms without any issues. Therefore I picked a nicely designed sans-serif. This is the one I chose;

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 21.26.43.png


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