FV: Storyboard

The storyboard is roughly completed. It’s at this stage it is possible to understand the story of using the site to explore other sites and Languages.

The homepage is the first thing the user sees, is the world map. animated characters with animals assositaed with those countries are included. homepage.png

In the top left there is the branding of the site, and in the top right corner there is the character which the user can interact with. It is at the section the user can see their profile, chats, store of items and friends, they can also customise their character here. You can see this section below

Once the user has clicked on a specific continent they are interested in visiting, and exploring, they are presented with a grid of flags of countries from within that continent.


Once a country is selected, the user is directed to a splash page where they will see the country they selected. They will see the flag and a themed page which has a relevant font.


Once they have selected START on the splash page they are taken to the start page. On this page the user is shown information regarding the experience they are about to partake in. It displays information on weather, the location, key landmarks, photos of the users friends frogs in that place, events and the passport of the user. It even allows the user to select the customisations for their frog here in this section.


Once the user has selected start, they are taken to the tourist information screen, this portrays the backdrop of a key landmark with the Tour guide answering questions the users have, while showing them information about the landmarks, food and music.VT2.png

The next page is the social page, here is where the user is able to interact with others also visiting the same place. All users within the experience, on this exact screen would appear in this virtual field to socialise. They are able to chat, play games and explore each others profiles.


The next section is the language lessons available to encourage the image based learning about other languages through image association.VT4.png

The next part of the experience is to view the pictures of your frog at key landmarks around the country being visited. The user is able to select one to save to their profile, which would also appear in the first page of anyone else visiting this place.


The next part is where a user is randomly selected from the country the user is visiting, and they are given the oppportunity to send that user a message to say hello.


Now the trip is coming to an end the user is told to select a postcard to send to their friends. The postcard can be edited and customised then sent. This encourages the users to visit this place.VT7.png

Finally, the user is offered the opportunity to take part in a quiz regarding the place they just visited. This allows them to test their own knowledge.



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