FV: Prototype testing

The user testing is really important as it allows me to develop an understanding of what my audience wants. This can be done throughout the design stage to ensure the design is almost perfect in the eyes of the user by the time it launches.

I created a mockup using the images for the website so the users can get a taste for the experience. Then I was able to give my target audience the opportunity to play on the experience, and get some feedback.

I was able to record the users usage and then play it back to them asking them questions about their experience. The screen recording is available to watch here;

Below is all the feedback I recieved to talking to my target audience about this early stage.


The homepage is the most important page of the website, it is the one they should feel most comfortable using. It is where they will spend a lot of their time. The users noticed a lack of animation on this page, which is really vital. On hovering over animals they should be animated so they actually do something. The illustrations of the landmarks and animals should all be hidden unless a user hovers over that specific continent.


While the profile is a very rough mockup, it is missing some key information. It needs  key information about that user such as age, nickname, country of origin and languages spoken. It should also include some information about their own and friends experiences on the website. This can include things such as postcards they have received, selfies they have take in various countries and their current ‘virtual’ location (the country they visited last). The store also currently doesn’t even exsist in any shape or form, so this needs doing. The editing of the frog is one of the key features and has not been implemented yet, this needs work. Should the frog be sat in a wardrobe at this point, or perhaps even a pond.


During the start of the experience it shows the user a flightboard like an airport as the main navigation. The user expected to be able to click it and get some functionality. The functionality they would like to see is details on the journey. Perhaps a map with the route planned, the closest airline, time taken to travel from A-Z and its rough cost. These popups have little interactivity, and users would expect them to have some at least. Editing of the frog is not available here yet either, this is important.


The information in the Tour Guide is way too small and needs rethinking, and in this case one of the users asked about Disneyland in Paris, so there is also the commercial side to the locations that need consideration.


During the language lessons the website should offer the user to move to the next question once they have answered one. The ability to have three words of the other language which could be linked


In the selfies page, it is a little unclear as to what is going on during this page, perhaps a short explaination would be nice. Also give the user to scroll through different users to see which one they want to talk to the most.


The social page is currently quite static, a user should be able to make their frog hop around the social page. Also none of the other designed frogs have been added into the experience, nor have the accessories.


The selfies page is a little inconsistant with the corkboard background, it can be changed to the blurred background used on the other pages, also the purpose of this section isn’t clear, and needs some more definition adding.


Add grid of postcards to allow user to select which one they want to send. Franks and stamps are used here alternatively, but in reality franks are applied over the stamps when they have been recieved at the post office to stop people re using the stamps. Franks could be added to only the recipient.

Additional notes

Sound Effects are missing from the entire experience and haven’t been considered yet. There should also be a system wide mute button.

Once user has gone through one stage they understand how to use the service, but before that they don’t. There is a possibility to have a guide throughout the experience. This guide can be the Godfather frog who can be available to have a dailog with throughout the experience. This is a method for the user to ask qustions about the experience, and a real way to collect feedback from users. Another method to remedy this is to have a short animated introduction where the user selects and names their from and then explains the backstory of the frog.


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