Teaching & learning strategies: How they impacted my workflow and overall project

Teaching methods such as lectures, seminars, discussions, presentation, research based learning, 1:1 and group tutorials were used throughout the year to help me achieve the best possible grade, below I have documented each time one of these methods were used and in turn aided my projects development.


Discussions among the teachers and my peers were made much more frequently throughout the development of the service than the one to ones on the pure nature that I was able to ask questions at any time I was around my peers.

This was a fantastic aid to my site as it allowed me to gain an insight into the opinions of others and get advice regarding how to improve or what to add to my project.

The most important part of this was the advice that I could use assets from CreativeMarket, an online platform for artists to sell their work. This meant I could focus a lot more on the theory instead of rushing into the design as it mean’t I could get quality assets at cost, which would save me hundreds of hours wasted creating my own artwork that wouldn’t look as good anyway. This was one of the most important decisions I made in regard to my design


The presentation of my idea to the group in the first stage was vital, as while it not only made me predefine the concept, it also allowed me to express to an audience of peers. Questions were made from the group, and also the teachers, and in answering these questions allowed me to come up with new ideas. I was also able to pose questions to the audience of my presentation to allow me to guage their reactions, and help me decide whether which adjustments to make.

A key point from this stage was gaining the thoughts on the language of the site and how it should work in relation to translating content for users of other languages. This was an important part as it allowed me to consider language lessons within the service.

Research based learning

Research was the most valuable to me of all the learning strategies listed here. I spent the majority of my time researching the concept and developing it to being the best and most relevant to the target audience as possible. The entire idea is due to hundreds of hours worth of research, way to vast and varied to sum up in short, but it did change the course of the idea well into late design stages. In reality the research was and learning was ongoing even throughout the design stages.


The one to one sessions were vital to my project, it allowed me guidance on my project on a personal level. The tutor was able to understand the aim of the project and offer advice on key decisions that were needed to be made.

When stuck for ideas with my design, the one to one lessons were able to aid me in ideas of new research topics. Posts were suggested for me to write which allowed me to in turn think of new ideas.

They were able to help me avoid making mistakes with my theory and designs of my Frog Voyage project. A valuable lesson in these sessions were being told my designs were inconsistant throughout. This made me really focus on the small details of my design and improve the website tenfold. Subtle changes can have a really large impact, and these changes really helped build a strong design.


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