Working on a client project was interesting as it meant I was able to work on communication skills and build on exist web skills. I approached the manager of My… Group to ask if there was anything I could do to help him and there was. He wanted a redesign of the content management system they used to edit websites. I thought this was out of my league having only had about three months experience with the particular language I would be writing in, but I decided to take on the challenge anyway.

Research played less of a role in this project and fell more towards user testing which explored how various people from different skill groups interacted with the site. This meant I was able to explore the options to make the experience of the site better for all users. I came up with a great method and design that proved to work with the users but also pleased the client.

Next was the actual build of the project, this was the most difficult part as lots of the code was completely new to me so I felt I was truly learning on the job. This had its benefits and negatives, to begin with it meant I would definitely struggle with the code but it would become easier with time and experience. One of the largest negatives that impacted me the most was the errors I would come across during my time editing the site. These errors varied in difficulty to remedy, but would add hours of wasted time to the build. It meant that overall I probably spent 20% of the entire time fixing errors or at least trying to.

By the end of the build I have a much deeper understanding of how the code works and feel like a lot of what i’ve already done would be much easier to achieve now in comparison to when I first started the project, which is a huge learning curve to say the least.

Feedback from my client was great, he seemed very pleased with what I had achieved even though some of it was not even completed 100%. It meant that he had at least grounds to continue the CMS and make his employees lives easier, effectively saving him money.

As a future consideration, I would love the opportunity to keep working on the code to develop the site even further so I can improve my own skills and become the best possible developer I can be.


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