Event Research

young-ones“The Young Ones” is a very useful day for young parents to get together and be social with other parents, this along with allowing the kids to play and being very cheap at just 50p a visit this service is brilliant. With a bit of radio publicity it could potentially raise awareness of the service to the local area and make the day more successful. You can see more information about the event at (http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/hull/events/event.page?record=mZF8CnWG_Hw).
May might be a bit too late to record but I found “69 Shades of Black” which is obviously a play on words of the blockbuster “50 Shades of Grey”, which is a production to be held at multiple theatres including Hull New Theatre (https://www.list.co.uk/event/415737-69-shades-of-black/). It would be a a brilliant event to cover because it has a lot of leads to other conversations, this could be funny as the presenters can poke fun at the event but at the same time raising awareness. A great example of this would be when Chris Moyles broke down the lyrics of ‘Pass Out’ by Tinie Tempah when it was first released mocking them for their meaning, this later became a sensational hit, you can hear Moyles’ breakdown here;

Promoting a healthy lifestyle would be something a little different encouraging people to get out and exercise more. SKY Ride have set up group bike rides, there would be interview opportunities before and after the cycle, and maybe behind the scenes access with sky, it may also lead to future jobs within sky for the journalists within our group, this is an excellent option. (http://www.goskyride.com/search/Results)


Local & International Podcast

Hirsty’s Daily Dose

The intro is really fun and upbeat that describes the perfect listener, it also names and funnily describes the presenters. Music is loud but goes down when the producers speak. – I find it funny when they do something in the studio that isn’t good radio and then they say “this is great radio everyone” or sarcastically say something like “name of radio station, listened by millions a day”. Swearing because younger listeners can relate better. A complication of parts from earlier in that show that were funny. Dubstep soundtrack makes it sound modern. Taking the mick out of each other makes it more funny.

Probably wouldn’t be relatable to older generations.

Fletch & Vaughan
I like that they have good banter, don’t take themselves too seriously and always value their listeners opinion. Real laughter and going on tangents makes it seem much less scripted. They like to poke fun at topical subjects to make them more interesting for the listener. The target audience is about 16-35 year old people. They have backing music over some areas but then then are none in others which makes it more about the content. Still relate to the presenters even though they’re on the other side of the planet, they speak of things that people can relate to across the planet.

The fact that the presenters are so funny also makes some of their features where they involve their listeners a little less interesting because they don’t go off on the tangents which is what makes them funny, seeming more scripted it is a little less fun.

Organisation of tasks – SOUND DESIGN

Following my previous projects, where I had constantly thought I was not getting enough done and that I wasn’t going to hit deadlines, I thought a vital part of this semester would be my organisational skills. Therefore I have listed every single task I wanted to complete for this project and created a timetable so that I knew what work needed to be done, and when it had to be done by. I also decided that it would be vital to sum up each section of the project after it had been completed on time, which is why you can see the schedule broken down into understandable sections. I have tried to get all the work listed accomplished with a few weeks to spare before hand in, this means that I have allowed for mistakes or extra work along the way. This is obviously even more useful when working in a group, therefore allowing everyone to clearly understand where they were and what they had to do, this should prove a useful method of tracking progress of the the group members and the overall project. I have added the initials of the person responsible for that piece of work or put all if everyone needs to do it, this has been approved by the group.Organisation