Targeting Specific Audiences

Trust people with similarities – Taylor homepage with welcome using local ‘lingo’ is a statement I made in my initial research after I had read Nathalie Nahai’s “Webs of Influence” ( This is something I decided to carry through to the final version after going through the wire frame stages. What we did was research the language and the things in each us state have in common, things they all know, and have common knowledge about, then use them in the welcome message to them when they land on the website. The idea is that the website can track the location of the user based on their IP address, which would allow the page to be displayed differently users from different states. Therefore, using information we gathered from our font research about the relevant fonts, we were able to create an ‘el paso style design, note the packaging of the el paso box here;

then note the images we created for the different states below.



In this project were to redesign a poorly executed website called High Noon Holsters, a website dedicated to selling all types of holster  to the american public. After a little research we found the company didn’t exist anymore but that didn’t stop us from researching the area of gun holsters through its old competitors.

During the research stage, there were many important elements that contributed to the overall look and feel of our design. Researching the product was the first major step before we even started designing the wireframes. It allowed us to understand the product the site would be selling and gave us an understanding for what the feel of the website should be like. It meant that we could simplify the products into four different categories, these were concealment, duty, tactical and sport. At this stage we were already many steps ahead of the original high noon holster website because we were very careful to make sure we didn’t overcomplicate the design and the layout. Something else we decided to put a lot of effort into researching was other southern american websites and the user experience they provided. Tying these into the font and the colour research meant we were able to make plans for how we were going to design the high noon holster website, for example the way tex is presented on a southern american website is unlike any other style of design. They tend to arrange many different styles of typefaces stacked on top of each other in a burger style format, usually with a graphic involved too, to annotate what is being said within the title. When researching the colour theory we learnt that contrast was important to make the content stand out from the background, therefore using the patriotic colours red, blue and white relate to americans because of the flag and the other colours used were darker, brown greys and blacks because they related to the old style american saloons. The Reds website shows how the brighter colours work well at the top as the navigation and the darker colours as the background colours of the main content.

When creating wireframes we decided to break it down into different stages, firstly by creating four wireframes, two for desktop and two for mobile, we then got together and worked out the negatives and positives of each design. That meant we were able to go away and create two new designs each, the best parts of each design were combined to create the next version. This meant we were then able to put both of our final combined designs against the other and create a new one based on the best parts of both. This meant we had technically gone through 6 different designs and allowed us both to have input on the final design. Once this stage was completed we both went our separate ways in the design process to put our own design ideas forward, so that we could decide on the best later on.

When reading Natalie Nahie’s Web of Influence I learnt that people trust others with similarities, therefore we created a personalised greeting message on the homepage for every different state of the united states based up local language and similarities that the people from that state share. The design of these greeting messages were based upon the research about the southern american websites and the ‘stacked’ look of the different typefaces to create an new unusual look for the message.

Another thing we learnt from the research stage was that usability is very important in relation to increasing user interactions. Steve Krug’s “Don’t make me think” discusses how hierarchy and positioning of elements on a webpage massively influence the experience the user has on the site. Since the user scans through the page for the relevant information, the layout has to be very simplistic and self evident. Taken from the book, these two pieces of information massively influenced how we redesigned the High Noon Holster online presence.
One of the most important elements to our teams organisation was the fact that from day one we listed everything we wanted to do and broke it down into manageable tasks that could completed alone. We then set about creating a planner and allocated these tasks to the person who could handle them the most efficiently. This meant that at any given time, we could check the planner and see if we were on schedule. Another very important element of the planner was the fact that we built into the schedule time of things to go wrong, so if we ended up delaying a piece of work it wouldn’t matter because we would still be able to hand in on time.

Being able to criticise each others work professionally and take criticism was a large importance of being able to work as a team and putting personal issues aside to achieve the best possible end product was at the forefront of importance when working as a team. Understanding your responsibility within the group was majorly important as it meant you stayed on track with the tasks you were assigned rather than doing your own thing.

Once the final designs had been completed we had to choose which design we were going to pick as the final design we would present to the group.  At the end, it was apparent that both design were hugely different in appearance, only because we both had different visions of the final products. Alistair’s design uses simplistic design cues, with subtle gradients, flat colour and influences from the fonts and colour research and the diesel online store. Aidan’s design on the other hand, was highly influenced and adapted from the original High Noon Holster website, thematic around spaghetti western posters, using torn paper like vector images for the containers of the content, and using flat colours for the navigational elements, and using high fidelity images for icons used on the store selection page.

Taking into consideration the research in relation to usability and functionality in which the entire redesign was based around, Alistair’s design was more fitting regarding the research and wide audience of the gun holster business in comparison to Aidan’s. The thematic spaghetti western design looks really good but would target a much more specific demographic given its niche design in comparison to Alistair’s.


The wireframe stage was most important as it allowed us as a group, to streamline our ideas, and get feedback on the designs we had created. The idea was that we would be able to create four wireframes each to begin with, two different designs for both desktop and mobile. We would then bring in both and discuss the benefits of each and the reasons for choosing certain elements of the wireframe. This was a good process as it then allowed us to com back with a better wireframe that combined the best parts of the first two. Once we were at this stage, we combined both mine and Aidan together to create wireframe that had the best parts of the previous wireframes. Since there were three completely separate stages within the design process of the wire framing it meant we were able to smoothen out any flaws within the design. Below you will see the process between the different wireframes.

Alistair Kenyon-Brodie First Desktop Design

Alistair Kenyon-Brodie Second Desktop Design

Alistair Kenyon-Brodie Combined Desktop Design

SECOND MOCKUP - DESKTOPAlistair Kenyon-Brodie First Mobile Design

SECOND MOCKUP - DESKTOPAlistair Kenyon-Brodie Second Mobile Design

SECOND MOCKUP - DESKTOPAlistair Kenyon-Brodie Combined Mobile Design


Aidan Crow First Desktop Design

Aidan Crow Second Desktop Design

Aidan Crow Combined Desktop Design

Aidan Crow First Mobile Design

Aidan Crow Second Mobile Design

Aidan Crow Combined Mobile Design

Combined Mobile Design


Combined Desktop Design

As you can see the wireframes began with a very simple design, something worth noting from the offset is the way both of the designs contain an overlay on top of the welcome image. Aidan’s was the logo, mine was the greeting message, this is something we decided from the beginning that we should keep for the final version, and you can see in the final design that the images have an overlay that is specific to their state. Aidan and I had a similar idea when it came to the categories page, and how to present the different ones. Mine consisted of segments with images inside that represented the category while Aidan had a blank page which held icons for each category. This is again something we combined, so that the background image changed to something that related to the category when you hovered over the icon.

Featured Image Research

Another important element is relating to each customer individually, and because America is such a vast country it is split up into 50 states. Therefore they all have their own individual language. When researching Natalie Nahia’s book about psychology in design, it is proven that people trust people similar to themselves, therefore I think it would be worthwhile building a landing page that is directly relatable to each individual from each state. By using language that is only used by people within that state, and a background image that suits the area, for example, Texas landing page would have an image of vast deserts with a cowboy on it. While a California landing page would be beach with people in shorts. Understanding stereotypes and local ‘lingo’ I will bet able to create landing page directly relatable to the people from the different states.

They love Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, therefore a play on the lyrics may be nice;

“Sweet home Alabama,
Where the gossip is so true,
Sweet Home Alabama,
High Noon Holsters, I’m coming home to you”

They love a good gossip in Alabama so much so that they have 6 pages dedicated  to it in their local newspaper, compare that to the two pages they give to the actual news. They’re classed as the best at barbecues in the usa, so it might be nice to have an image of a social barbecue scene with the text over the top.

They know the nature really well and spend a lot of their time just dealing with it.
They get great views of the Aurora Borealis so incorporating this in the tagline.
They also drive regularly on ice and snow and have to deal with grizzly bears too.

“As beautiful as Aurora Borealis,
As dangerous as a grizzly bear,
As functional as your snow chains,
Our holsters are the best.”

This should be accompanied with an image with a scene of people enjoying the nature in Alaska.

This is the state of the ‘cowboys’
It is really really hot. – they will park a mile away from their destination just so they can park in the shade.
The home of the grand canyon.
Everyone owns a swimming pool

“Parking in shade is important,
but having the right holster to your gun
is just as important.”

This should be accompanied with an image of people walking around the grand canyon.

They love game shooting. This is mega important for the holster site.
Deer season is the biggest
they chew tobacco
They wear overalls on all occasions

“What do our holsters have in common with overalls?
Everyone in Arkansas wears them.”

This should be accompanied with an image of game shooting deer as target.

They use dude and bro
they use the word “like” in every other sentence
The traffic is alway really bad
They love their food.

“Dude, our holsters,
are like totally the best ones in SoCal,
you’d be like,
crazy not to own one.”

This should be accompanied with an image of sunset sun beach with beautiful people.

They love their dogs, and take them everywhere
They are all a little bit hippie
They love skiing
they love green chilli
They have legalised marijuana

“Having food without green chilli would be the same as having a gun without one of our holsters.”

This should be accompanied with an image of someone skiing on a mountain.

They have legalised marijuana
Majority of them have a lot of money
They have field parties
They love basketball.(UConn)

“Being passionate about UConn is one thing,
wait till you see our range of holsters.”

This should be accompanied with an image of a crowd at a basketball game.

The beach is a very important element of life there
They don’t pay taxes- and are proud of it.

“You don’t get charged tax in Delaware,
so we won’t charge you taxes online”

This should be accompanied with an image of a delaware beach.

They have the most guns permitted compared to all the other states.
The majority of them own a boat

“You have a boat, a gun and one of our holsters,
you must be living the dream.”

This should be accompanied with an image of a boat party.

They love sweet tea

“Our holsters are like sweet tea.
Great and loved by everyone.”

This should be accompanied with an image of someone in a cafe drinking tea.

They serve rice with everything
They love surfing
People are laid back

“Burger with rice?.
your gun with our holster?
It’s just the way it’s done.”

This should be accompanied with an image of surfing and the beach.

Biggest place in the us for fly fishing
Farming is the biggest employer there and they are famous for their potatoes
They enjoy living in isolation

“You not having one of our holsters,
would be like Idaho,
not having potatoes.”

This should be accompanied with an image of someone fly fishing.

They have really inconsistent weather

“Sun, sleet or snow,
Our holsters are consistently great.”

This should be accompanied with an image of the river rolf.

They travel everywhere in tractors
Their liquor stores shut down on sundays
They often have tornados

“Unlike your liquor stores,
we don’t shut down on sundays.”

This should be accompanied with an image of a large tornado.

They walk everywhere
They love to read
They’re very friendly people

“Your boots were made for walkin’,
Our holsters were made for wearin’.”

This should be accompanied with an image of a group walking in Iowa.

Superman was fictionally from Kansas

“Even Superman isn’t as strong and powerful as our gun holsters.”

This should be accompanied with an image of the flint hills.

They are no longer interested in the Kentucky Derby
They love to read
Kentucky Bourbon is the best in the country, apparently.

“Kentucky Bourbon is the best in the country,
just like our gun holsters”

This should be accompanied with a picture of someone reading a book.

They love celebrating things
They like to talk a lot
They love to drink

“Here’s something to talk about,
our gun holsters”

This should be accompanied with a picture of a celebration.

They always see moose
They love seafood
“Ayuh” is basically local language for yes.
Is mainly pine tree forest

“Ayuh, our gun holsters are
perfect for experiencing mother nature,
in all of it’s glory”

This should be accompanied with a picture of a pine tree forest.

They love crabs
Natty Boh is the most common beer
They don’t leave the house without their old bay seasoning
They love their state flag

“Old Bay Seasoning, check.
Great quality gun holster? Check.”

This should be accompanied with a picture of a their state flag

They’re obsessed with the kennedy family
The home of Harvard University

“Businesses, actors and presidents alike all come from Massachusetts,
but welcome the best thing to come to Massachusetts.”

This should be accompanied with a picture of Boston or Harvard.

Hitting Deer is a common thing
Ford & General Motors have strong roots here.
They love hunting.

“Don’t just hit deer,
Shoot it.”

This should be accompanied with a picture of Big Buck.

Prince was born there.
They are used to driving in winter weather
Goodbyes take a long time

“Don’t let getting your gun from your holster take as long as your goodbyes,
get one of our holsters.”

This should be accompanied with an image of a snow covered road.

They love the rebels and the bulldogs
They love the Confederate flag
They shoot everything
They love the blues music
They are kind hearted and generous.
“We have passion for quality, just like you have passion for the blues”
This should be accompanied with a picture of a blues bar

They hunt frogs
They stop their car in the middle of the road to talk to people.
They like to watch thunderstorms
They love Imo’s Pizza

“Hunt frogs or deer, our holsters are the perfect fit”

This should be accompanied by an image of a thunderstorm

They love their meat
They always speeding
They drive everywhere
They don’t like spending too much money.

“Montana residents, meat your next holster”

This should be accompanied with an image of the long roads

They love runza
They are massive tree huggers
A lot of them work in call centres

You might just love our holster, more than the tree in your garden

This should be accompanied with an image of tree huggers

They’re not easily impressed
It’s very hot
They handle their drink well
They believe in ufo’s
they like fast cars

“You might not be easily impressed, but our holsters will take your breathe away”

This should be accompanied with an image of the deserts

New Hampshire
they grow things in their garden
they are not angry drivers
they hate taxes
they would rather worship squirrels than god

“You should worship the High Noon,
as our holsters are almighty god”

This should accompanied with an image of vegetable patch garden

New Jersey

They love bagels and pizzas
They love dunkin donuts

“Shopping list; bagels, pizza, high noon holster”

This should accompanied with an image of dunkin donuts

New Mexico
They’ve all seen a ufo
they all speak splanglish
They love green chillis
They would rather spend time in nature.

“You’ve seen a ufo, but never seen such good quality in a holster”

This should accompanied with an image of New Mexico nature

New York
They think they’re better than everyone else
They create great new foods
People judge you on the jacket your wearing

“Decent Jacket, Decent Holster?”

This should accompanied with an image of NYC streets

North Carolina
They love college sports
They would eat biscuits for every meal if they could
They love drinking sweet tea
NASCAR is life there
They all want pick up trucks

“Pick Up Truck < High Noon Holster”

This should accompanied with an image of a nascar race

They love football
They love buckeyes
Drink Cheap beer

“You’ll love our holsters, more than buckeyes”

This should accompanied with an image of buckeyes

They deep fry anything
They all know who Will Rogers
They love Toby Keith

“Our holsters are so good,
you’ll want to deep fry them”

This should accompanied with an image of Chesapeake Arena

They love the great outdoors
Breweries are very big there
They all have puppies
They love Ducks football

“Have a drink on us,
You probably made it anyway”

This should accompanied with an image of people drinking

—***—***—SO FAR—***—***—
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia



The research stage was the most important of the entire procedure, by completing our research, we would be armed and equipped to successfully cary out the following stages while knowing 100% our client, the ideas and issues surrounding the area of business we would be entering. In the real world, the purpose of a redesign is not just to make it look nice, but instead to maximise potential sales by creating functional, usable and well designed websites that are accessible to everyone. By researching the client, the business field they operate, and the target audience, you are able to make design decisions based upon the needs of your clients target audience. This is not designing what you think looks good, but maximise the potential profit of the client. I knew to get the most work done, it would be important to split the tasks fairly between me and Aidan. I created a planner which allowed us to see the deadlines the work had to be completed by, I also built in meet up stages where we would discuss our research and progress so far. This mean’t we would both be on the same page, which would help with the team work aspect of things.

Trying to maintain this strict schedule was difficult as I had planned a reasonably fast paced timeline to get the research done so we could move on to the designing within three weeks, meaning we would complete all required work way before hand in date.

This was somewhat difficult, with personal issues within the group, i was forced the hand of sometimes making decisions that were mean’t to be made as a group. The breakdown of the content was broken down by myself to ensure we stuck to our timetable.

Managing time is a huge element of working in a group and using the planner has helped us stay on track but we must continue to stay on track if we are to succeed with this brief as a group.

Something that I never built into the brief was the fact that along the way I would find additional things to research. This was a slight drawback and has mean’t I have been completing the additional work in the next stage. This is something I have learn’t and will be building into the next brief schedule I make.

Breakdown of Content

I have looked at the site to find out what content is relevant and is required in the redesign and what is irrelevant. It is worth noting there are a lot of pages that should not be shown on the main menu and that can be show on separate links like the returns policy that should only be shown when ordering a product. Here are my ideas of the required content for the redesigned version of this site.

US map with state selected
Individual language for state
Top Gun News

STORE (4 Sections)
– Concealment
– Duty
– Tactical
– Sporting

One Filter
– Ankle
– Waist
– Chest
– Pocket

Background Images like Diesel

– Sizing & Fitting
– Maintenance
– Returns
– Repairs

Contact Us


Holster Types

A holster is a holder for a firearm that can be worn on the body. The firearms industry is worth a massive $31.8 billion, so there is a lot of money to be made in producing holsters.
There are different types of holsters, all having different purposes and functions.

Concealment holsters are for the use of the general public who feel the need to carry guns on the street with them.
Duty holsters are the same as the ones used by police officers and personal securities.
Tactical holsters are mainly for heavy duty use by the military, and personal security forces.
Sporting holsters are used to hold hunting guns.
It is difficult to break down how popular each type is as records only roughly estimate the sector as a whole.

Materials are also worth looking at, leather is a popular and classic option, while it is liable to wear and tear and has been outdated by thermolaminates which are much better because they maintain their shape and avoid scuffs, unlike leather. Other materials listed are nylon and polyester.

Where the holster is worn is also another important feature and again relies entirely on the users preferences and needs. There are holsters that are placed in/on the following places;



great E-commerce examples

Given the site we are reproducing, is effectively an ecommerce store, it is vital to understand what makes a good ecommerce site.  I understand that some of the examples I look at are specific to a category such as fashion but the same principles of design and layout still apply, with that said, let’s look at some brilliant examples of e-commerce.

The Diesel website works well with a landing page featuring ‘party scenes’ where models wearing the brand seem to be mid-dance and having a good time with smaller captions below them;

1  2

3Please note the menu section above also seems to get rid of drop down menus in exchange for the drop down box to avoid the bad user experience issues noted in the standard drop down menus. Once you arrive on the section of the site that you require, in the case below, it is ‘apparel’ which is split into three categories for the user to choose from;


Once you land on the section page, you are overwhelmed by large images. There is a close up image in the background, then there are smaller images that feature other pictures of the items of clothing which sell them really well instead of the standard grid. It features close up images, models wearing them and gifs of american terrain, fitting in with the overall theme of the site. I think this is an excellent way to sell products as it is much friendlier user experience, it doesn’t look like being sold to as much. Note I have hovered over some of the images to show the option to purchase;

6 7

Once you click on a particular image that you like, you are taken to a large image of the model wearing the item and the option in the top right hand corner. I found this experience very appealing and I was almost tempted to purchase some of the items;


Reiss is another nicely designed ecommerce site that features large images across the screen splitting the products into different categories;


They also have a full width drop down menu that contains all the links, making all the pages clean, clutter free and simple.


The section that features all the items for sale is organised and symmetrical, all the images look very similar which helps you focus on the item rather than the unorganised fashion in which it is organised in.


It is also worth looking at some great examples of help pages because as it stands the high noon holster help section looks like this:
12 14 13

Youtube has really good help page as it creates categorises the informations and shows them under different sections;


99 Designs has really good FAQ page as it has categorised the questions but also has a search bar at the top allowing the user to find their answer really quickly.



About patriotic americans

Americans go to extreme lengths to be patriotic to their country. Nothing seems to come between them and their country and their belief that their country is the best in the world. By understanding how and why people are patriotic helps us create a patriotic experience in turn creating more sales for the gun holster company. The biggest sign of being patriotic is by flying the american flag, it is the ultimate sign of respect for your country, this has already been done on the High noon holster site as you can see herein the bottom left;


It seems a little bit too subtle, especially when stereotypes of americans are loud and brash, the flag should be bigger, much bigger and in your face to encourage the patriotic emotions when flying their flag.

1st Air Cavalry Brigade ground troops build on advanced skills

Joining or supporting the military is a very patriotic thing to do in america, regardless of the purpose of the wars they are fighting the vast majority of americans hold their soldiers in high priority. This is fitting given that the sites purpose is to sell gun holsters, this is something that the military use on a daily basis. So by making a strong connection between the holsters and the soldiers who serve the country, the american viewing the page would be sub consciously encouraged to buy the product.


A road trip across America is seen as a great way to be patriotic, when the country is so big, why travel elsewhere? Stay in the country and spend your hard earned money in the us, improving the economy.


Go supersize, you know you wont eat it all but anyone who suggests you cant is only preventing your right to freedom, and we all know America is the freedom land. Eating at neighborhood BBQ’s is a must and shows your support of your community